⭐️ Getting Started With Zid API
Understand how you can integrate your app with Zid through our developer portal

Get started with developer portal

Developer portal let you create and manage your API subscriptions with Zid, you can manage and monitor your API usage, test all of the available resources and play around in the sandbox, to start using our API you will need first to register your account in Zid Developer Portal, then create your first application.
Once you register your account in the portal, you will find ready to use sample application called (Default Application), you can use it in order to gain access on our API, or feel free to delete it and create a new one.
    Developer Portal: here you will be able to generate tokens, try out our APIs, generate cURL or inspect all endpoints we have.
    Technical Docs: here you will find most of FAQ explained, definitions, and getting starting things.
Last modified 9mo ago